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The Babe Hotline’s Press-On Nails Will Make You Feel Like A Boss

Summer is coming to an end and fall is ready to take over!

During both seasons, it is essential to have a full set of nails to go with it! 

With the pandemic going on, I know some of you don’t want to take the chances of going to the salon. 

Or maybe you need to take a breather from acrylics because of the damage it has caused your nails. 

Well if you are looking for a quick fix that will have you looking like a boss, you need to try press-on nails hunty! 

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Now, I know what some of yall are thinking… that press-on nails aren’t your cup of tea because that acrylic life is addicting. 

But if you aren’t giving your natural nails a break at all, then you need to do better! 

The application of acrylics requires filing your nail bed down which, without any breaks in between, can cause your natural nails to become very brittle and weak. 

Also, according to The Mayo Clinic, having acrylic and gel nails can cause infections to develop on your natural nail. 

So take a break from the luscious acrylics and use that time to treat your nails, but also look good without damaging them by using press-ons!

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Especially if you put your trust in “The Babe Hotline” which is a black-owned beauty business that sells predesigned AND custom press-on nails. 

The Startup 

A beautiful set of bright pink press-on nails with a little shimmer!
Source: The Babe Hotlines’ Instagram

The Babe Hotline was created by 20-year-old college student Ma’Asa Gay who is from Tallahassee, Florida! 

She decided to start a business because, during quarantine, she had nothing to do as school was canceled and so were all social gatherings. 

She really wanted to create something that she could call her own and would keep her busy no matter what was going on. 

BINGO – an online business was the key! 

She began to create her own products starting off with jewelry, bath bombs, and even clothes, but nothing stuck. 

From that experience, she knew she had to dig deeper and think of something that she genuinely loves and uses religiously herself. 

She came to the conclusion that press-on nails were the way to go because she was in the store every two weeks picking out a new set! 

She did her research and learned that she was able to make her own press-on nails, so she started practicing! 

After a few months, she decided to launch her business originally known as “The Nail Hotline”. 

It wasn’t until later that she decided to expand her business to sell lashes and lip gloss along with the press-on nail sets and changed the name to “The Babe Hotline”!

The Babe Hotline is: 

3 Words That describe this press-on nails business

Experience As A Business Owner

Ma’Asa loves being the boss of her own business and enjoys the control she has over her day the most.

She explains that when she worked at a grocery store, she wasn’t a fan of being told when she can or can’t leave. 

Whereas with having her own business, she is able to create her own schedule and if she needs to take an unscheduled break then she can! 

Being that flexibility is her favorite part, there is always a challenge that new entrepreneurs face at the beginning of their journey. 

Ma’Asa’s biggest challenge so far has been moving away from home for college and time management. 

With juggling assignments, playing Track & Field, and managing a business on her own, her days are very busy.  

Not to mention that there are so many small tasks within each of her priorities that she has to stay on top of. 

The set
“Starburst” Set ($18)

With a business alone it can be hard to manage since you have to make sure orders are shipped in a timely manner, new products are created, social media pages are active, and many more. 

So imagine that type of workload and multiply it by 3. 

Ma’Asa is a perfect example of “you can do anything if you put your mind to it”. 

Most people would give up because of the demand all of these responsibilities place on you, but let this be a reminder that you can do it! 

Maybe you feel like no one would buy your product or support you. 

Or maybe you think your product isn’t good enough because there is so much competition out there.

Ma’Asa had the same thoughts, but the difference is she took a leap of faith. 

Ma’Asa’s advice to those of you who are looking to start a business, but are scared or don’t believe in yourself is to just START! 

She stated, “ Everything starts somewhere. Everything does not have to be perfect before you start and you will learn, change, and grow along the way. But you are not getting anywhere hesitating to start. Experience is your best friend, you will need it.”

Biggest Lesson 

The set
“Hot Girl” Set ($18)

Through her business, Ma’Asa has learned that she is her biggest supporter at the end of the day. 

You are the person that has to believe in your vision the most and back up your business at all times. 

With that, she also learned that it is important to take advantage of all opportunities because you never know what new blessings that connection can bring! 

Future of The Babe Hotline

M’Asa hopes to achieve so much with The Babe Hotline in the future.

Her goal is to have loyal customers that engage with her and hopes to eventually work with celebrities and have her trendy nails all over the world. 

“Pretty in Pink” Set ($18)

She plans to stand out in the future by finding a technology that will allow her to create press-on nails quickly and with ease. 

With this type of technology, she would be able to sell her press-on nails in stores similar to brands like “Kiss”, but also have custom designs available. 

Most Popular Sets:

Let’s all wish Ma’Asa good luck on her entrepreneurial journey and if you need some new nails, make sure to check out The Babe Hotline.

If you enjoyed reading about The Babe Hotline, make sure to take a look at our other posts on Black businesses and check out our Black business directory here!

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