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Kallos Bars LLC
Our company strives to bring customers 100% natural skincare products for both face and body.
Kacidilla Nails
Luxury handmade gel press on nails for the everyday baddie
~Kacidilla Nails is where you will find luxury handmade gel press-on nails for the everyday…
LaMonique Cosmetics
An affordable line of mineral-based cosmetics
Monique Glover
This luxurious line of mineral-based cosmetics is made of natural pigments, freeze-dried vitamins A, E…
Pressed By Mani
Press on nails for the everyday person.
Imani Meeks
Pressed by Mani is a press on nails business started during the Covid19 pandemic. Press…
Hazina Essentials
Essential oil blends for hair, skin, and nails to provide a natural approach to beauty…
Renee Borrows
Dominick Williams
Our brand, Hazina Essentials, is centered around a natural lifestyle. Every product is made with…
S.H.E. Natural Essentials
“Where essential oils meet Natural Hair”
Mashia Smith
At, S.H.E. Natural (Seal, Heal, Elongate) I make essential hair growth oil. All oils aimed…
We See You Sis
Business Owner : Lily
XCLUSIVLASHES brings luxury lashes to those who are on a budget. Being that the founder,…
Pure Soy Candles
Handmade to nourish your skin naturally! We provide a wide range of handmade natural bath…
Go Natural Body Care endeavors to promote self-care in every way possible, starting with incorporating…
Kamryn Mitchell
Kamryn Mitchell is the owner of Gloss Galaxy, a small Black-owned lipgloss business! Gloss Galaxy…
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Lashes As Long As Our Money!
Kamiya and K’lynn Roberts
We are 13 and 14 sisters located in Mandeville, Louisiana. We sell lashes, lipgloss, and…