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S.H.E. Natural Essentials
S.H.E. Natural Essentials
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S.H.E. Natural Essentials
“Where essential oils meet Natural Hair”
Mashia Smith

At, S.H.E. Natural (Seal, Heal, Elongate) I make essential hair growth oil. All oils aimed to promote hair growth while repairing split ends, dry hair, damaged hair, etc. I offer 3 different oil scents: S.H.E. Natural (original) rosemary, S.H.E. Tropical, & S.H.E. Floral. Along with my hair growth oils, I just released a Frizz Tamer essential oil Rejuvenating Hair Mist to refresh your curls straight from the bonnet or to use with your styling products. Along with a Leave-In conditioner dropping soon amongst many other products!

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