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Plants Have Power
Herbal tea display
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Plants Have Power
Home made Herbal Teas and Capsules, Lets build that immune system and cleanse the blood 🙂
Taeyeschanaye (Tay-Ja-Nay ) ????

Hi everyone ! My name is Taeyeschanaye (Tay-Ja-Nay) and I am the creator of Plants Have Power. The goal of my business is to teach people about what exactly herbal medicine can do for them. I have experienced People in my family and community suffer from illnesses and diseases that get worse and worse by the day because they either can not afford medicine or the medicine given by the Doctors are killing their immune system. I am here to help, if anyone has any questions, need any help or guidance, do not hesitate to email or call me. Love you all 🙂

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