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The Afro Column's Black business directory

Be Resilient Anytime In Nature
Brittnei Henderson
Our mission is to enlighten the world in remembrance of how essential it is that…
Delux Designs (DE), LLC
Art is Life is Art.
Keara Douglas
Delux Designs (DE), LLC is a remote, freelance design service that was founded and created…
Cherish Tea Time in a Gift Box
Mrs. Gene' L. Jones
Ebony Tea House creates gift baskets in a box, but better. We enjoy creating special…
Kallos Bars LLC
Our company strives to bring customers 100% natural skincare products for both face and body.
Kacidilla Nails
Luxury handmade gel press on nails for the everyday baddie
~Kacidilla Nails is where you will find luxury handmade gel press-on nails for the everyday…
Plug In
How to find the light in every part of your life!
Mariah Lyttle
Gabriella Rodriguez
Courtney Long
Nicole Bethany Onwuka
Jessica Brock
During a dark time in our world we’re plugging into virtual communication seemed like the…
King~ Get this shirt today at www.mahoganyapparel.com
Exclusive Apparel for the Culture.
Larry White
We offer exclusive apparel for the culture. Featuring the Sankofa collection, Love Collection, and other…
LaMonique Cosmetics
An affordable line of mineral-based cosmetics
Monique Glover
This luxurious line of mineral-based cosmetics is made of natural pigments, freeze-dried vitamins A, E…
Fall-scented soy candles
Richly scented. Creatively lit.
Jas Smith
HAND-POURED SOY CANDLES Javielle Candles sells richly-scented candles that are custom created to match your…
Black Father Nation Logo
Sylvester Ware
At Black Father Nation we sell items and accessories to fund activities and workshop we…