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15 Black Podcasts to Listen to That Will Fulfill Every Aspect of Your Life

Podcasts are a great way to get daily inspiration, to gain knowledge, to get a daily dose of God, to get a good laugh, or to learn how you can grow individually. There are so many ways podcasts can benefit you personally! 

I have been trying to practice new habits to create a more positive atmosphere to grow in. That is how I came across podcasts and it is so fulfilling to listen to an episode that fits your mood and goals for the day or week! 

For example, on days that I am feeling down, listening to a podcast that focuses on inspiration and motivation is key! Or maybe I am looking to work on my business and am in grind mode; I would listen to a success or entrepreneur based podcast. 

After listening though, I noticed that I felt so fulfilled listening to Black podcasts because it was always more relatable. No matter the topic, it was always more enjoyable, more funny, entertaining, and insightful. 

Therefore, I wanted to list out 15 Black Podcasts to Listen to That Will Fulfill Every Aspect of Your Life. This list contains podcasts that discuss topics on social issues to pop culture to mental health to faith!

If you would like a more focused list on a specific topic, leave a comment below and I will make sure to create one because there are SO MANY Black podcasts out there! 

15 Black Podcasts to Listen To In 2020

1. Garage Talks 

Courtesy of Garage Talks Podcast

 Garage Talks Podcast is based out of Riverside, CA, and was created by Sam Lumpkin, who is also the host and is accompanied by Dominick Williams as his co-host.

They discuss topics on pop culture such as music and entertainment, but also discuss taboo subjects such as abortion laws and ICE raids.

If you are looking for a relaxed and funny podcast that will keep you up to date on popular topics, check out Garage Talks Podcast. 

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2. The Friend Zone 

Courtesy of The Friend Zone Podcast

The Friend Zone is run by Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey, and Asante. They discuss topics that will challenge and stimulate your mind because “who in the hell wants a musty brain?” (I chuckled at this because TRUE!).

Some topics that they have discussed in the past include how your life’s purpose and group of friends affect who you choose as a life partner and how 2020 will change our lives forever. 

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3. Variety Always Reign 

Courtesy of Variety Always Reign Podcast

Variety Always Reign Podcast was created by three brothers, Kevin, Granz, and Tense who discuss everything related to sports, music, entertainment, and life experiences.

They have many special guests on to talk about their own experiences and to discuss current issues, new music, sports news and more! 

Some topics they have discussed are: 

  • Thoughts on ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary 
  • Interviews with creators to discuss their road to success
  • The effect of COVID-19

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4. The Only Black Girl on Mars 

Courtesy of The Only Black Girl On Mars Podcast

This Black podcast was created by Andrea Afua Kwamya and she discusses the struggles that come with being a woman of color in the working world. She also addresses topics on life, mental health, and social issues in the world. 

This would be the perfect podcast for EVERY woman of color that has a job. I know we can all relate to the topics discussed about experiences in white, corporate America. 

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5. Markitta in Your Business

Courtesy of Markitta In Your Business Podcast

Markitta in Your Business was created by Markkitta G and discusses all things on entrepreneurship, business, transformation, and growth!

She shares her personal experience and interviews entrepreneurs to help provide insight for beginning entrepreneurs and tips for seasoned business owners.

Some topics she has discussed are: 

  • Mistakes she has learned in business
  • How to find a balance between business and life
  • Breaking down what PR is

If you have your own business, this is the perfect podcast to listen to to get business tips and inspiration! 

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6. Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington 

Courtesy of Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington Podcast

Redefining Wealth is a podcast created by a Black woman named Patrice Washington who aims to help others correlate wealth with well-being. She shares her personal experience and expertise along with the experiences of guest speakers to help her audience find fulfillment in their life. 

This is another podcast that is essential because it is important to understand that wealth doesn’t always mean you have a lot of money. If you are interested in learning more about why that is, tune into Patrice’s podcast!

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7. Brewin’ Black 

Courtesy of Brewin’ Black Podcast

Brewin’ Black Podcast is hosted by Scholar P and T-Shaw who discuss Black popular culture and current events happening in the Black community. A few topics they discussed are: 

  •  Jada and Will’s “entanglement”
  •  Racial violence
  •  Love languages

If you enjoy topics like these served with some charisma, then tune in now!

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8. For My Brown Girls! Podcast

Courtesy of For My Brown Girls! Podcast

For My Brown Girls! is hosted by Lady J and she focuses on providing support to Black women who struggle with anxiety and depression.

She uses her platform to not only provide support, but to also educate, uplift, and empower women during their mental health journey! 

She provides tips on how to care for your self and mental health during racial trauma, how POC being filled with anger can lead to mental health challenges, how to overcome adversities, and more! 

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9. Hear Her Speak 

Courtesy of Hear Her Speak Podcast

Hear Her Speak was created by Ophelia Okoh who uses her podcasts to talk about social issues. Some topics that she has discussed are:

  •  The public response to black lives being taken
  • Whether police should be reformed, defunded, or abolished
  • Colorblind racism. 

Alongside that, her episodes are not lengthy. On average they are about 15 minutes long, so if you are busy and looking for discussions on the Black experience in America, this is a podcast you should follow. 

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10. Black Therapist Podcast 

Courtesy of Black Therapist Podcast

Black Therapist Podcast is run by Nikita Banks who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

She discusses issues people of color face daily, tips on maintaining mental health with society bringing down the black community, and insight on her journey of being a social worker and owning her own practice. 

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11. The Rooted Life 

Courtesy of The Rooted Life Podcast

The Rooted Life was created by Dorian Ezzard and Morgan McCrory. They discuss topics related to faith to help you examine your relationship with God and ways you can strengthen that relationship. 

They share personal experiences and tips while incorporating worship and biblical knowledge to help guide you on your journey.

Alongside that, their average episode is 30 minutes long which is not too long for those that live busy lives. We can all dedicate at least 30 minutes to our relationship with God right? 

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12. Prophetic Foolishness

Courtesy of Prophetic Foolishness Podcast

Prophetic Foolishness is hosted by two Black men, Osagie and Krys, who challenge societal norms and answer questions that society avoids. For example, some topics they have discussed are:

  • Should women propose to men?
  • Do Black men need to stop marrying White women?
  • Is it okay to cheat on your barber?

Clearly they discuss topics that are a little more light-hearted and others can be more controversial. But I think it is important to address these topics because the world is constantly evolving and our mindsets should too! 

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13. Black Girl Bravado 

Courtesy of Black Girl Bravado Podcast

Black Girl Bravado Podcast is hosted by two Black women, Brittany and Germani. They aim to motivate and encourage women of color by talking about wellness, mental health, self-care, and inspiration. 

They have very honest conversations on all these topics and more that will provide a sense of community and support.

If you are looking for a podcast that has raw discussions on topics about life and well-being that is also relatable to a Black woman, definitely check out Black Girl Bravado. 

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14. Black Free Thinkers 

Courtesy of Black Free Thinkers Podcast

Black Free Thinkers was created by a Black woman, Kim, who makes it clear that the goal of the podcast is “to challenge you to think and live for yourself, not convert you”.

She discusses topics on issues in the United States and in the Black community that are not heard or addressed enough.

Some topics she has discussed are: 

  • Slavery in the Era of trump
  • How the #MeToo movement overlooks voices in the Black community 
  • How nothing has changed in regards to racism

If you are all about Black power and equal rights, this is a great way to stay up to date on current events through the lens of a Black woman. 

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15. Black History Year

Courtesy of Black History Year Podcast

Black History Year was created as an extension of a non-profit Black media company, Push Black, that reports current news that is most relevant to the Black community while also providing facts on Black history. 

In the podcasts, they discuss Black history topics that are left out of mainstream conversations to help unite people of color worldwide and to make us stronger through our roots!  

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I hope that you found some new Black podcasts to add to your daily routine! If you enjoyed this article, make sure to share it on your socials! 

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Comment down below which podcasts caught your attention the most and if you would like a list of Black podcasts on a specific topic (ex: business, hair care, mental health, etc), let me know below!

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  1. Great list of podcasts, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you found it helpful and hoped you picked out a few new podcasts to try out!

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