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Supporting Small Businesses: 10 Black Owned Natural Hair Products & Brands

The start of 2020 has been a wild roller-coaster and the highlight of it all was the revolution that ignited when George Floyd was murdered.

Between the protests, petitions, and police brutality, I realized that although I am Black & Proud, I don’t actively buy black-owned natural hair products enough!

Also, after learning that some of our all-time favorites are not black-owned makes it feel like we have failed the black community.

You can’t root for everybody Black and not support minority businesses!

To help change that, this article will showcase 10 black-owned natural hair care brands!

Although there are big-name, black-owned natural hair products and brands on the market, I wanted to use this article to highlight some small brands that need your attention!

All of the brands mentioned have quality, NATURAL, and curly girl approved products!

There is enough love in all of us to support both big and small brands, so substitute those non-black owned brands with some of these smaller brands—I promise you won’t regret it!! 

10 Small Black-Owned Natural Hair Care Brands You Should Support

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1. OBIA Naturals

Courtesy of OBIA Naturals

OBIA Naturals is a brand that creates vegan and herbal based natural hair and body care products.

The brand was founded by Obia Ewah who is a trained chemist and ensures that the products are science-based.

She started creating products because she was more conscious of what foods and products she was using due to falling ill.

During that time, there were no all-natural products that could handle her thick, curly strands.

Therefore, she has made OBIA Naturals, an all-natural hair and body care line that is curly girl approved through and through. 

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2. Aloe Blaque 

Courtesy of Aloe Blaque

Aloe Blaque was founded by Aphra McCrea in South Carolina in 2018.

Her company sells quality products for hair, skin, and body that will have your kinks and curls defined and hydrated, but also keep that melanated skin moisturized!

Each of their products includes amazing ingredients to ensure that your curls are growing and ya skin is glowing honey!

They also just added hand sanitizer with aloe-infused in it to help fight off Ms. Rona (GET TA STEPPIN’!)

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3. Rucker Roots

Courtesy of Rucker Roots

Rucker Roots is a company founded by two sisters, Ellen and Ione, who were inspired to teach their daughters to love their natural kinks & curls just like their mother did when they were little girls by creating homemade concoctions in the kitchen for their kinks.

The company’s inspiration lies behind the Rucker’s family history (dating back to the 1930s!!) and many of their elders have played a role in their desire to create a natural hair care brand that promotes embracing healthy natural strands.

Their products are aimed to maintain healthy hair and can be used for all hair types! 

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4. Oolibeauty

Courtesy of Ooli Beauty

Oolibeauty is a plant-based hair care line made for locs!

In the natural hair community, products and care for locs are not discussed enough, so I wanted to feature Oolibeauty to ensure those with locs can maintain their tresses with healthy ingredients.

This brand has everything you need—you name it, they have it!

They have shampoo, conditioners, leave-ins, gels, scalp oils, and even a hair fragrance—all designed for women and men with locs and are also all-natural! You gotta love it!

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5. Lil Little 

Courtesy of Lil’ Little Beauty

Lil Little is a natural hair brand that was founded by Rachal Prince in Chicago.

As a model and entrepreneur at the beginning of her journey, she made many homemade products by mixing natural ingredients together.

In 2016, she decided to share her concoctions with the world through ‘Lil Little’.

All the products are paraben, mineral oil, silicone, and petroleum-free!

Through this line, Rachal hopes to encourage women and young girls to embrace the power of their natural hair. 

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6. Kinky Tresses

Courtesy of Kinky Tresses

Kinky Tresses sells high-quality natural hair products that are aimed to provide intense, long-lasting hydration.

The company was founded by Shawna Moses and she created the line because she realized that popular products would only keep her hair moisturized for a few hours which led her to constantly having to re-moisturize her hair (which we all know could be a nightmare!).

All of the products are non-toxic and cruelty-free; They stand for promoting good hair days because it exudes power, relieving frustration from hair care routines, and setting your own standard of beauty to encourage self-love and confidence! 

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7. Girl + Hair

Courtesy of Girl + Hair

Girl and Hair was founded by Dr. Camille Verovic who often keeps her natural hair tucked away in protective styles due to her busy lifestyle.

She noticed being a regular with protective styles, such as braids, weaves, and wigs, that there were not enough natural products aimed to grow your natural hair while it is being protected.

Therefore, she came up with Girl and Hair which features an array of products that include a nozzle for easy application with protective styles.

All the products are alcohol, sulfate, paraben, phthalate, silicone, color, and cruelty-free! 

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8. Soultanicals 

Courtesy of Soultanicals

Soultanicals is an affordable, vegan natural hair and body care line founded by Ayo Ogun who was inspired to find a solution to the tear-filled detangling sessions with her daughter.

This hair care line has blends of organic, plant-based, herbal, and African botanical ingredients embedded into it which Sista Ogun refers to as “earthy flava”.

Soultanicals is known for providing high-quality products that smell delicious and have a funky style inspired by African culture and spirit!

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9. Uniqurl 

Courtesy of Uniqurl

Uniqurl was founded by Alexis Stanley who began creating handmade products in her kitchen to nurture her damaged type 4 hair back to health in 2016.

She slowly started to realize what kind of ingredients her hair loved and she incorporates a lot of those same ingredients in Uniqurl’s products today such as aloe leaf juice, marshmallow root, flaxseed extract, and many more!

All of her products are also silicone, paraben, alcohol, mineral oil, and petroleum-free! 

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10. Glowbydaye

Courtesy of Glow by Daye

You know we can’t have a natural hair care list without our beloved bonnets and scarves!

Glowbydaye sells satin bonnets, scarves, and products to elevate every natural’s deep conditioning routine.

The founder is Ranay Daye who, like many of us, considered herself a “lazy natural” and found herself compromising her hair’s health because of how tedious natural hair routines can be.

So, these products were made to ensure her curls were getting what they needed and made it easier to keep her hair protected and conditioned while being a mother to her sons.

Her wish is to provide high-quality products that will aid in every natural’s hair goals being reached. 

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I hope you found this list helpful and pick some new black-owned natural hair products to use on your next wash day! If you enjoy our list of featured black businesses you can check more out here!

Also, check out our business directory to start searching for black businesses to support! 

Comment down below what is one product you can’t live without on wash day! Mine is definitely a deep-conditioner!

If you enjoyed this article & found a few black-owned natural hair products to try out, make sure to share it on your socials! 

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