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12 Of The Best Black-Owned Christmas Gifts For Kids

Christmas is approaching and it’s about that time to start getting deals on gifts for your little ones!

Although you can go to Target or Walmart to get a few gifts, you can also get a few gifts from Black-owned businesses to show your support and promote more representation in your kids’ playtime!

So here are 12 Of The Best Black-Owned Christmas Gifts For Kids!

12 Of The Best Black-Owned Christmas Gifts For Kids

Teni & Tayo Creations 'Build Your Own Solar Powered Car' that any kiddo would love!

Build Your Own Solar Powered Car

If your kiddo loves to play with legos and needs a new way to be challenged, try getting them this Build Your Own Solar Powered Car from Teni & Tayo Creations!

They also sell books, toys, and accessories that are focused on diverse characters and Black stories!

Harper Iman Dolls

As the years have passed, dolls of color have become more and more common, but these plush dolls are too cute to pass up!

Harper Iman is a mother-daughter business where they create dolls of color to show children how beautiful and talented they truly are and to have more representation in the toy industry!

They also offer custom orders in case you want a doll to look just like your child! 

Rhyme Antics Game

If you have an older daughter or son that is too cool for most toys, try getting them this fun game, Rhyme Antics!

It’s a rhyming game that was inspired by hip hop that everyone would enjoy!

How you play is you are given a phrase that you have to freestyle off of and popcorn it off to the next opponent!

This is a great way to have fun, but also get your kids’ brains to think on the spot!

HBCYoU Dolls 

If you went to an HBCU or have always dreamed to go and wish to live vicariously through your children like myself, then these HBCU dolls are something not only your child will love, but you will also appreciate as well!

These dolls are 18” cheerleaders of color with uniforms that represent the majority of the HBCUs in the country!

If you don’t see your school, no worries, you can order a customized doll to have it made! 

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Lilly Frilly Cupcake Slime 

Slime has taken over the younger generation for the last few years and I don’t think it’ll be stopping anytime soon! If your child loves to play in slimy things, this cupcake slime is a perfect gift!

Lily Frilly also sells bows/hair accessories, bags, party dresses, and shoes so if they don’t like slime, I am sure you can find something else on their site they would love! 

Proper Gnar Skateboards 

Is it me or does every kid go through a skater stage?

If this is your child right now or they are just looking to feel cool without actually skating, check out Proper Gnar where she sells skateboards along with apparel such as bags, hats, shirts, bottoms, hoodies, and even masks! 

Fun Fact: Everything on the site is designed by the owner as she is an artist, so each piece is unique and something you won’t see anywhere else! 

The Rad Black Kids Skateboards

Being that the business before is more girly, I wanted to also include a more unisex skateboard and streetwear shop!

The designs on the skateboards are more uniform and the apparel is very unique as well, so if your daughter or son isn’t into brighter colors, a board and apparel from The Rad Black Kids might be a great fit! 

Fun Fact: The skateboards are weather resistant & was inspired by the material used for women’s purses! 

Darlyng & Co. Toys

For babies that are on the way or newborns, we have a black-owned business for them too! Darlyng & Co. is a baby store where you can find baby essentials such as body wash and bibs as well as toys such as: 

  • Plush Toys
  • Playmats
  • Superhero Capes (Girl & Boy Versions)
  • Coloring Books

Fun Fact: They also have a baby registry & are having a holiday special right now!

Real Qai Qai Doll 

Do you remember when Baby Alive was so popular because of how “realistic” is was in comparison to other baby dolls!

Well, here is a black-owned version that any little girl or boy would love! Her name is Qai Qai (kway kway) and she is absolutely adorable! 

Mekamon Robot

Does your child love robots?!

If so, get them the Mekamon robot which is a four-legged robot that allows you to play and learn at the same time through its interactive app! 

Malaville Dolls

You can never go wrong with too many dolls & this collection are all inspired by women of color!

If your child loves Barbie, try getting them one of these dolls instead as they each have their own name, life, and personality!

One thing I love is that this company also takes into consideration common skin conditions such as albinism! (pictured left)

Brown Toy Box

A subscription-based toy box that is meant to inspire and encourage Black children to find a love for careers in STEM/STEAM by including different activities and toys that will challenge your child through playtime! 

I hope this list helped you find the perfect gift for your little one this holiday season & if you loved one of the businesses on this list, leave a comment about it below! 

If you didn’t find a toy that your child would love, try checking out The Black Toy Store! They have a variety of toys that are Black-owned and centered around Black culture!

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Christmas is almost here which means you are trying your best to cross off items on your little ones Christmas list! Well, here are 12 Black-owned Christmas gifts for kids that might help you to do just that!

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  1. My favorites are the dolls. I wish I had access to Black dolls growing up. Instead of typical Barbie I played with stuffed animals instead. LOL Great list for the holidays! Will be sharing!

    1. I know right! I found SO MANY more dolls and had to delete a few because I wanted to make sure to have a variety of toys on the list! It definitely warms my heart to see so much diversity in dolls now and I feel for you because all I had were white dolls too! So, it makes me smile to see how much representation we have in the toy industry! Thank you so so much, I really appreciate that! (:

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