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5 Black Inventions That Everyone Loves to Use On A Saturday Afternoon

Black history is a topic that is very briefly mentioned in American history books. I’ve always questioned why that is especially since many inventions and ideas that were ground-breaking are actually Black inventions! 

Without Black inventors and creators, we wouldn’t have many common home appliances, electronics, and beauty products. Aren’t you curious about what items you use every day were created by Black innovators? If you are just as curious as I am, keep reading to find out what common items were invented by Black creators.

On a side note, everyone loves a sunny day, and my personal favorite is sunny Saturdays! This is because it is a day where, if not all then, most of the family is home, and the day is filled with either a fun or relaxing vibe. (sometimes both!)

So what is better than making a list of Black inventions that are correlated with “Fun in the Sun” days!

5 Black Inventions We All Love to Use on a Saturday Afternoon

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1. Folding Chair

Nothing is better than pulling out your lawn chairs and drinking some wine coolers with your loved ones! 

John Purdy and Daniel A. Sadgwar invented the folding chair in 1889. In their patent, they state that their invention was made to provide a cheap and durable chair that had the ability to be folded down for portability. 

The design that Purdy and Sadgwar came up with was later improved to be more comfortable. Although, folding chairs today still have the same framework that their chair back in 1889 had. 

2. Lawnmower 

Now, I know lawnmowers don’t remind you of a Saturday afternoon (at least not a fun Saturday if you are doing the mowing), but fresh cut grass sure does! You can’t have a nice day outside without the smell of fresh-cut grass! 

John Albert Burr created the first lawnmower with rotary cutters and traction wheels in 1899. He improved the lawnmower to help prevent grass from clogging and objects from getting stuck. 

3. Ice Cream Scooper

If you aren’t eating ice cream or at least giving out ice cream to the kids on a Saturday afternoon, then what are you doing?! Ice cream is good for the soul, and the ice cream scooper makes it super easy to scoop and go!

Alfred L. Cralle invented the ice cream scooper in 1897 to solve the problem of using two spoons to scoop ice cream. His invention was a cone-shaped scooper with a button used to keep the ice cream from sticking to the scooper. 

4. Potato Chips

Ahhhhh, the combination of a big bowl of potato chips with dip and a football or basketball game on is ELITE on a Saturday! 

Potato chips were invented by a man named George Crum around 1853. The story of how he invented them is a little ironic. 

He was a chef at a resort called “Saratoga Springs” and a customer sent his fries back to the kitchen saying they were too thick and to cut them thinner. Out of spite, Crum sliced the potatoes as thin as paper and fried them crisp. 

The result was a brown, crunchy “french fry” and when it was sent back out to the customer, they loved it! This started the very popular “Saratoga Chips” at the resort and inspired other chefs to make potato chips as well! 

5. Super Soaker

Image by Nerf Hasbro – Nerf Super Soaker XP30

You can’t have an amazing Saturday without some water involved! And as a kid, I didn’t have easy access to a pool, so we had water gun fights! 

The infamous Super Soaker water gun was invented by Lonnie Johnson in 1990. He actually created it by accident while improving a heat pump when it caught a leak. 

From that leak, water blasted across the room and it immediately sparked a light bulb in his head to make that into a water gun! 

He created the first water gun that could shoot up to 40 feet in distance! It also made space ray sound effects when you pulled the trigger! And since 1992, it has been one of the most bought toys every year! 

FUN FACT: Lonnie Johnson also created the Nerf Blaster toy gun!

I hope you enjoyed this Black inventions list and will think of these amazing inventors the next time you use one of these items! Make sure to share and save this to Pinterest to help educate others on Black history! 

Comment down below what you found to be the most surprising invention on the list!

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  1. Things our school history books didn’t teach us. I love this #blackexcellence

    1. Exactly! Our history is a large part of American history, so there should be no reason why it isn’t being taught in schools.

  2. Amazing!

    I didn’t know these awesome inventions were made by black people. #BlackExcellence

    1. I know right! It is amazing how many items we use reguraly are Black inventions & we don’t even know it!

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