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10 Black Creatives To Follow For The Best Halloween Makeup Looks

Ahhhhh, Halloween is coming which means candy corn, haunted houses, and admirable Halloween makeup looks! 

Every year I am always amazed at how talented people are at shapeshifting their face/body into a scary look for Halloween! I LOVE IT! 

Although, every year I always have a variety of non-POC who create these amazing looks, and I have the same two Black influencers (listed below) who pop up on my feed when Halloween comes around. 

So, to help get more Black influencers and MUAs circulating in our feeds, here are 10 Amazing, Black Creatives To Follow For Halloween Makeup Looks! 

If you are still unsure of what you want to be this Halloween, click here to see over 60 costume suggestions that you will love!!

Bri Hall

Bri Hall is one of the OG natural YouTubers I have always followed! 

She originally was known as ‘Smartista Beauty’ until she decided to rebrand herself and go by her real name. 

She is a very talented artist, so she is a natural when it comes to makeup! 

Every year she always goes all out with her Halloween makeup looks, so she is someone you can follow that is consistent every year! 

Kaneshia Shana

Kaneshia Shana is a popular MUA that you may have seen go viral a few times the last couple of Halloweens! 

She is well known for her realistic makeup looks that have an illusion effect! 

(It was so hard to only choose three of her looks because when I say TALENT I am specifically talking about Ms. Shana!)

Her hands do wonders when she is creating an illusionist makeup look and trust me that’s not all she can do! 

She specializes in all kinds of makeup and can show you to slay for a night out with the girls to making you the scariest person at a Halloween party! 

Rio (AKA Riostelllla)

Rio is a self-taught makeup artist who can not only give you a good Halloween look, but can also give you some inspiration for bold day to day looks! 

He is truly talented and you can definitely see that in his work! 

And let me add that he is the God of colored hair because hunty…. I’ve never seen anyone be able to pull off a dyed fade like Rio!

RJ (AKA Cakefacerj)

Similar to Kaneshia, RJ specializes in illusionist makeup looks! 

On her page you will find a few daily makeup looks to get inspired by, but the most mesmerizing of her work are definitely the illusion looks! 

One of the coolest looks she has done are transforming herself into celebrities! 

She has done Chadwick Boseman, Will Smith, Oprah, Stanley Hudson, and MORE! 

Trust me, when you see her page you’ll be scrolling for hours trying to pick a look to follow! 

Brittany C

Brittany C is a certified Jamaican MUA who mainly presents her daily makeup looks that are absolutely gorgeous! 

But once Halloween comes around, she definitely indulges in spooky season to showcase her talent for Halloween makeup looks! 

In regards to her Halloween looks, she has a range of them that you can choose from! 

So, if you want something creepy and scary, she has you covered (check out that mummy look above!). 

Or if you want something a little cuter with a dash of spooky, Brittany has a look for it! 

Kiera Please

Kiera Please is another one on this list that you have most likely seen because of her amazing cosplay looks! 

Kiera puts a different spin on Halloween in comparison to the rest because she doesn’t only focus on the makeup side of dressing up. 

She focuses on cosplay and does it throughout the entire year! 

So if you follow her, you will have constant inspiration and on top of that, you’ll fall in love with her attention to detail with each look she puts together! 

Maly (AKA ohh_maly) 

Maly has such unique Halloween looks that you will love! 

It was hard for me to choose just 3 of her looks to show above!

She has makeup looks that will make you feel sexy and scary at the same time!! 

She has a variety of looks such as Mufasa, Jack Sparrow, Oogie Boogie and More!! 

On top of that, Maly creates these looks all year long similar to Kiera, so you will always have some inspiration! 

Also, she has a youtube channel where she shows you how to recreate her looks!! 

And if you are looking to achieve ‘doll eyes’ for Halloween, she is definitely the person you want to follow to be able to achieve that look!

Cheyenne Wise

Cheyenne Wise is an amazing artist of cosplay! 

Similar to Kiera, she has a true passion for it and does it all year long! 

She has a variety of looks such as Princess Leia, Daphne from Scooby Doo, and Vixen! 

Speaking of her wide range, she also does some anime cosplay, so if you are a lover of anime Cheyenne will give you some inspiration for your next costume! 

Tony Hemingway (AKA Succubus)

Tony Hemmingway AKA ‘Succubus’ is a drag artist and model who is consistently serving up looks! 

Drag has become more and more popular over the years, so I know some people would love to get some inspiration to learn how to achieve a drag look! 

Not only does he do drag, but he also creates more looks that you can easily make into a cute Halloween costume!!

Zahria Janel

Zahria is a young makeup artist based out of Jacksonville, Florida who will have you READY to slay on Halloween! 

She is another artist that will definitely give you some inspiration for your daily makeup, but once Halloween comes around she goes all out! 

Zahria has Halloween makeup looks that will have all eyes on you at the party because she brings out different versions of looks that you see on other makeup pages! 

For example, her version of a clown and snake are mesmerizing and also terrifying!

I think my favorite would have to be the Spider Queen though!

I hope you enjoyed this list of amazing Black creatives and that you find some inspiration for your Halloween makeup! 

Make sure to share this on your socials if you liked this article and comment down below any other Black creatives that are killing the makeup game!

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10 Black Creatives to Follow For The Best Halloween Makeup Looks

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