About The Author

The Afro Column was created by Malaya Dean in July 2020. The inspiration behind the creation of this blog was the events following George Floyd’s death. The protests, the petitions, and the many stories of other beautiful Black people being mistreated was a wake-up call for Malaya.

The media made her realize that the same people that smile in your face could be someone who has a confederate flag flying high in their yard with pride. Malaya was surprised to see how many companies she invested in and supported that didn’t have the same beliefs as her. So, she decided from that point forward, she would put all of her support into anything and everything black-owned.

As she learns what companies do and don’t support the black community, she wants to share what she finds with everyone else. Times are changing and it’s about time we start rooting for ourselves. The Afro Column will be here to showcase big and small black-owned brands, as well as expose any brands that aren’t black-owned or promote ideas that are not supportive of the black community. 

Alongside that, in the black community, it is habitual to laugh during hard times and ignore how you are feeling. The failure to acknowledge emotions is common in the black community because it is expected of us to always stay strong. It is often seen as a form of weakness when you express how you feel and Malaya wants to help change that by being a resource for the black community. Therefore, she wants to make sure that mental health is addressed and hopes to help the black community to incorporate positive mental health practices regularly.

Lastly, it is clear that not enough people from various backgrounds have been educated on Black history. Malaya noticed that even she did not have enough knowledge of the history of her ancestors. She had basic knowledge of slavery and the civil rights movement, but not the details on other monumental markers throughout history. So, Malaya is aiming to educate the public (and herself) on Black history.

The mission of The Afro Column is to support and uplift the black community. Malaya hopes that you join her on this journey and she looks forward to connecting with all her readers. 

Support Each Other. Build Together.