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About The Author

The Afro Column was created by Malaya Dean in July 2020. The inspiration behind the creation of this blog was the events following George Floyd’s death. The protests, the petitions, and the many stories of other beautiful Black people being mistreated was a wake-up call for Malaya.

From all the turmoil, Malaya realized that the media tried to paint the Black community as the evil behind the riots and looting. Alongside that, public figures felt obligated to post about the Black Lives Matter Movement to avoid being canceled.

This made Malaya feel like people did not see Black people for what they truly were: Royalty, Wealthy, and Powerful.

It’s time that we paint a different picture for not only the world to see, but also for the Black community to feel empowered.

We are much more than a hashtag and with this blog, Malaya plans to show that by promoting Black businesses, ending the mental health stigma in the community, and sharing ways we to build wealth to reach true freedom!

The mission of The Afro Column is to support and uplift the black community. Malaya hopes that you join her on this journey and she looks forward to connecting with all her readers. 

Support Each Other. Build Together.