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6 Simple Ways To Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence can be very difficult to achieve, but is also necessary for your personal growth and development. 

There are times where we feel stuck or talk down on ourselves and those are times when self-confidence comes in handy!

It can help to alleviate the negative self-talk or give you a sense of control over what you should be doing!

If you are interested in learning a few ways to build your self-confidence, keep reading! 

We welcomed Adjoa Asante the creator of the amazing blog A Dash Of Everything to help narrow down 6 different ways you can build your self-confidence! 

Adjoa Asante, Founder & Editor of ‘A Dash of Everything’

A Dash of Everything is “a personal blog that Adjoa uses to share her personal experiences and ways to cultivate growth and self-development.

Like the name suggests it really is “a dash of everything” and touches on a wide range of topics from advice to well-being to self-development.

Make sure to check out her blog here:

Now let’s get into Adjoa’s post! 

6 Ways To Build Self-Confidence

Are you struggling with finding yourself and are trying to get your confidence back? Here are 6 different ways you can rebuild your self-confidence!

A lot of people including myself (I have to be honest!) have struggled with self-confidence. I want you to know that it’s okay if you’re dealing with this too.

It’s a daily struggle, but slowly and surely I am getting there and you will too.

A lack of self-confidence can affect many areas of our lives whether it’s how we behave and what we tolerate within our relationships, friendships, career life, etc.

Low self-esteem can lead to you putting up with many horrible/unacceptable things which is why it’s so important for anyone dealing with this to address it and work on it.

I know it’s not something you can just overcome overnight, but I think you’ll start seeing results if you choose to actively work on it.

I will be touching on the different ways in which you could build your self-confidence below so let’s go!

1. Identify the cause

You need to be honest with yourself and do some self-reflection.

What has led to your lack of self-confidence?

Could it be as a result of childhood trauma or was it a toxic relationship you’ve been in that has led to this?

Has comparison on social media or other avenues led to this?

In order to deal with any problem in life, you have to identify the root of the problem.

2. Start getting to know yourself again

In any self-development journey, you have to get to know yourself again.

What are your likes and dislikes? What is it that you’re passionate about or good at?

Spend time with yourself and fall in love with you. It’s very important to build a relationship with yourself again.

Forget not being confident for a moment…let’s look at what you love about yourself and we can really go from there.

3. Try affirmations

Affirmations are so important, and they have worked a lot for me.

If you’re not sure what affirmations to say or use, you can go on Pinterest or even Instagram and you will find many affirmations/positivity pages where you can draw inspiration from.

Don’t sleep on positive self-talk!

Eventually, your mind will start to take it in, and slowly and surely, you’ll start thinking positively about yourself.

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4. Talk to a professional/therapist

I think everybody needs to see a therapist at some point in their life.

It’s great to talk to someone neutral outside of your immediate circle in order to get a different perspective/outlook.

Therapists can also help you discover why you think or feel certain things and the best ways in which you can deal with/approach certain issues.

In anything you do in life, it’s important to involve a professional.

5. Surround yourself with people who uplift and encourage you

Who you surround yourself with is very important in this journey.

Being around people who make you feel bad about yourself will lead to more harm and hinder your progress.

Cut off anything that threatens to bring you down and instead find people who love, uplift and make you feel good about yourself.

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6. Do things that make you feel better about yourself.

Self-confidence can also come in when you start doing things that make you feel good!

For example, I like dressing up and doing my hair and makeup because it makes me feel good about myself.

Although this is superficial, it is still part of the little things that help rebuild your confidence.

Yes, inner work is important but there’s no harm in doing something that makes you feel good!

Lastly, please understand that you’re not alone in this and you will come out on top!

I am sending so much love and virtual hugs your way.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and took something from it.

Make sure to leave a comment below of which tip was your favorite and make sure to go check out more of Adjoa on her socials and her blog! 

Adjoa Asante, Founder & Editor of ‘A Dash of Everything’

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  1. I agree. A lack of self-confidence affects everything, even the most intimate parts of who you are.

    Over the years of my adulthood, I’ve learned that building our confidence is a muscle that we should actively exercise to see progress.

    Great points!


    1. Yes, a lack of self-confidence can definitely take a toll on many factors in your life. That’s why it is so crucial to notice when it is low and to take action to rebuild it! I love that you said that it is similar to a muscle! That is very true and it just takes some consistent training to get where you want to be!! Thank you for your support!

  2. These are great tips I think almost anyone can do. I can attest to using positive affirmations and practicing habits that feed your soul. It definitely helps improve self esteem and heal the heart. Pinned your post. I’ll have to check out A Dash of Everything blog next.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I also can attest for using positive affirmations and agree that you definitely need to take time to feed your soul! Thank you so much for your support and please check out her blog, it’s amazing!

  3. wow, your website looks amazing and your content is great

    1. Thank you! I appreciate that so much!! ❤️

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