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How to Reduce Anxiety: 10 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Without Medication

Have you ever had trouble concentrating because you have negative thoughts invading your mind? Or maybe constantly feeling worried, tense, and have trouble sleeping? If this is you, keep reading to learn about natural ways to reduce anxiety!

 It is normal to be unable to concentrate or have trouble sleeping, especially when you are under a lot of stress. Common events that could trigger anxiety is: 

  • Trauma— Experiencing traumatic events like abuse, death of loved ones, car accidents, and natural disasters as a child or an adult 
  • Buildup of stress— A combination of small life issues such as work stress, worried about finances, car issues, problems with loved ones, health condition, etc.
  • Drugs or alcohol use— Drug and/or alcohol use can increase the risk of feeling anxious
  • Genetics— If it is common in your family, you could have inherited it 

It is important to address how you are feeling and to avoid ignoring those emotions. This could cause your feelings of anxiety to increase which could negatively impact your daily life. But, when you go to the doctor they automatically suggest medication which can make you feel less like yourself.

To help you address these feelings naturally, here are 10 ways to reduce anxiety without medication.

10 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Without Medication

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1. Start Writing Down How You Feel

Writing down how you feel is a great way to reduce anxiety without medication

Whether it’s journaling daily on what you did or writing a poem/song to express what you are going through, just do it! It will help to get your clouded thoughts out of your head and prevent the buildup of intrusive thoughts. Trust me, you will have a great sense of relief when you let it all out.

Bottling up how you feel is a recipe for disaster. You may not even know that you have emotions built up until you start writing. Let your mind and heart be the writer and see what you find out about yourself. 

2. Engage in Your Favorite Hobby/Learn a New Hobby

Maybe you love to dance or crochet, or you have always wanted to learn how to paint! Whatever it is, do it for a couple of hours to put your focus on something positive! This is a great way to distract your negative thoughts and help to reduce stress! 

When you engage in activities that involve creativity and imagination, your brain is too busy concentrating on the task. So, those other stressors in your life are put on the back burner for the time being.

Once you’re done with the hobby, you will feel better and may even have a solution for a problem you may be dealing with that is causing you to feel anxious. 

3. Positive Affirmations 

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Get a notebook, a piece of paper, or your phone and write down positive affirmations to say as soon as you wake up and before you go to sleep. Saying affirmations aloud allows you to speak that positivity into the world– it seems small, but it does wonders! 

Saying affirmations is a great way to reduce anxiety because it is a form of training your mind to think differently. It puts you in control of your own mind and thoughts.

Training your mind to think positively will have a great impact on you and will make each day easier to get through the more you do it! Always remember that “You are what you think!”, so take time to speak positive statements out loud every day! 

If you are looking for positive affirmations to say, here you can find 15 affirmations for anxiety that you can say every day!

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4. Treat Yourself/Have a Mini Spa Day

Take a break from everything around you and cater to yourself! Give yourself a mini spa day with a relaxing face mask, an epsom salt bath, and light some candles! This will allow you to unwind and relieve tense muscles. 

FUN FACT: Lighting candles can be used as a source of aromatherapy, which positively affects mood and relaxes the body [1]. Candles that are lavender, rose, or sage scented would be great choices to help calm your nervous system. 

Below is a list of other essential oils you could use to reduce anxiety:


An infographic that lists 6 effect essential oils to reduce anxiety. The oils are Lavender, bergamot, jasmine, marjoram, ylang ylang, and valerian. Using these for aromatherapy could be a great way to reduce anxiety without medication.

DISCLAIMER: If you are using pure essential oils on your skin, make sure to dilute them! Learn more about dilution here.

Doing yoga and meditation is a great, natural way to reduce anxiety without medication

5. Do Yoga and/or Meditation

Yoga and meditation paired together and performed separately have been proven to be associated with improvements in quality of life and reduction in anxiety [2]. So grab your yoga mat and “become one with the Earth” as many yoga instructors say! Even if you have never done it before, go on youtube and try a 10-minute beginner class. 

There are so many great yoga instructors on youtube that you could start your journey with. Starting your day off with 10 minutes will help wake you up and have you feeling ready to take on the day.



Also, ending your day with a 10-minute session before bed can help relax your body and clear your mind of negative thoughts. Relaxed muscles with a clear mind are the best recipe for catching the itis without eating an entire plate of comfort food. 



6. Turn Your Phone Off and Disconnect 


Believe it or not, your phone may cause a lot more stress than you think! Your phone is a blessing, but in times of distress, it can be a curse. 

When you are feeling a little on edge, try turning your phone off for a while (or turn on Do Not Disturb) and doing something for yourself such as taking a bath or doing yoga! Take the time to disconnect from the world, and use it to reconnect with yourself. 

Sometimes social media platforms can make you feel like you’re in the sunken place, so it’s important to take a break from your phone every once in a while. Put it to the side and do something that will benefit your well-being.


7. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Spending time with loved ones is a great way to reduce anxiety without medication.

If you engage in tip #6, you should spend time with your loved ones while your phone is off. When we tend to get sad and have negative thoughts, we often forget about the basic things that will uplift us immediately. One of them is quality time with family and friends!

Being surrounded by people you love allows you to be around positive energy and supportive, loving people. And also, there is nothing like a big, ole bear hug from someone you love. (I’ll take 100 of those please!)


8. Do Things That Make You Laugh

A picture of the comedy special

Doesn’t it feel so good to laugh so hard you can’t catch your breath? (not literally, but you know what I’m talking about!) That wheezing while slapping your knee typa laugh! Go do something that will make you laugh like that!

Studies have shown that laughter decreases stress hormones significantly and increases “happy” hormones like dopamine and serotonin [3]. So go play charades with your friends/family or turn on your favorite comedy movie! 

If you can’t think of anything to do, go watch “The Original Kings of Comedy”! It is a classic and one of the funniest stand-up specials EVER! (If you ain’t laughin’, then you cappin’)


9. Listen to Your Favorite Music

a picture of a Sony speaker to encourage the audience to listen to their favorite music as a way to reduce anxiety. 

Doesn’t music make you feel so great? Whether it’s that new Summer Walker or that old Kevin Gates, music is great therapy. Studies showed that those who listened to music showed lower levels of anxiety than those who didn’t listen to any music when they felt anxious [4]

So go get your earphones or speaker and turn on your favorite playlist to vibe to. You could even listen to music while you take a bath with aromatherapeutic candles (TRIPLE TEAM – refer to tip #4). 

For fast-paced songs, try dancing around the room! I know you just said “No” in your head, but just consider it! I promise you will feel so free when you are done!


10. Exercise 

a picture of dumbbells to encourage the audience to exercise as a way to reduce anxiety.

The last tip on how to reduce anxiety without medication is exercising! It doesn’t matter if you simply go on a walk or do an entire HIIT workout, you will absolutely feel better after! 

It has been proven that physical exercise decreases stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine, and also increases “happy” hormones (serotonin & dopamine) [5][6]. Therefore, get up and get movin’!

I hope you found these tips helpful and you use some (or all) of them to help reduce feelings of anxiety without medication. Remember that ignoring how you feel is just building up mental stress. Address your emotions as soon as they arise because they are valid! 

Thank you for reading! Leave a comment down below of any tips that you may use that I left out! If you found it helpful, make sue to share it on your socials!

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  1. I loved this! Disconnecting from technology is my favorite! It allows me to focus on me and do things like journal and listen to music that makes me happy! Great blog

    1. Me too! Sometimes we get so lost in our phones and social media and don’t realize that it can be draining. Taking a step away from it is so refreshing and as you said, allows you to do things that make you happy! Thank you, I am glad you loved it! (:

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